Sunday, 17 June 2012

Knee injuries are the best...

Well what a few weeks of ups and downs... 

A few days ago I was planning this entry and it was all positive news. But since the 6km mark of my Saturday morning run, it has seemed increasingly negative...

My training has been consistently inconsistent over the last three weeks. I have averaged 2 of 3 swim sessions a week, some while battling a minor man flu (it's a real thing!), I have missed all but one Thursday morning bike session due to a required increase in presence in the office at 6:30am. I was yet to make an appearance at the run track in the afternoon due to my knee (which was getting progressively better over the last few weeks) and I am yet to set foot in the surf on a Saturday morning...

With all that in mind I had high expectations for the coming weeks. Everything was settling down and it looked like I was ready to really step it up.

I have ordered my wetsuit in preparation for some ocean swims along with a bunch of other goodies from Wiggle (that place is a trap!) which should be here in a few days (love international shipping!). I had a bit of a trial fitting to make sure I got the right size, then went ahead and ordered the Orca 3.8, which with its extra buoyancy should keep my sinking legs from, well, sinking! Well I hope so anyway...!

The Elite Energy Triathlon series opened up its season pass, allowing entry to a 7 race series across the summer, which I had been contemplating since early days. I jumped on board and grabbed one as it is something that I am really looking forward to for some experience and a challenge.
I knew that it was a lot of racing coming up to an Ironman, although I figure that the experience in those would be invaluable come the big race. It also fit in nicely with some of the longer distance Tri events over the summer. All positive I thought!

Plus, if Spot decided that it was perhaps a little too much to slide in all the races AND complete the Cairns Ironman then I would reschedule my Ironman dream till Bussleton 2013, which would give me time to focus more on longer distance rather than Olympic distance... Not my ideal plan, but then again not a show stopper!


But then...

6kms into my Saturday morning run my left knee started to complain again. Sick. This has now thrown a massive spanner in the works and left me feeling miserable all weekend. I couldn't walk Saturday afternoon, let alone climb stairs... hell even trying to use the clutch was an excruciating experience...
I started thinking the worst, how many weeks would I be unable to run for? Will I be able to train for the start of the Olympic series in October? Will I be able to ramp up to be ready for Ironman in June?
Would I be out of the water and off the bike while I recover? How much is this going to hurt my progress...?

After this mornings trip to see my physio Niamh, my fears have all but been confirmed... I look set for a few weeks of no running, perhaps some light jogging in a few weeks time if I'm lucky. My swim sessions for this week have been eliminated, perhaps a return on Friday morning, and the bike seems the same... 

All very depressing really

I have another follow up session on Friday with Niamh and hopefully she can work some magic and boost my spirits (along with fixing my knee...)

Until then my daily routine is:
  • Wake-up
  • Stretch
  • Foam roller (ITB's and Quads)
  • Work (boooo)
  • Home
  • Stretch
  • Foam roller
  • Leg lifts and modified squats
  • Ice
  • Dinner
  • Stretch
  • Foam roller
  • Ice
  • Bed
  • Repeat

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