Sunday, 27 May 2012

A sore weekend

Well I was a little ginger this afternoon...

I have spent the day either on the couch or stretching my knees and rolling my ITB's...

The good news is that I actually feel good. Well actually I feel better, knowing that I have pulled up better than I thought after pushing myself through a rough Saturday morning.

Saturday started with my first group ride with Bondi Fit down at Centennial Park. A 6:20am start on a brisk morning (read: farking cold) meeting the guys for the first time.
Having never been gooby enough to have ridden in a pack before it took a few minutes to get the hang of what they were all on about, but I eventually got it. Until we turned off suddenly and I managed to cut off another poor cyclist doing her morning ride... And I heard all about it. Spot made sure of that. A quick set of 20 push-ups while getting a lecture will make sure I don't do the same again...

I started off with the intermediate group pushing the big gear around the track, but got left behind on the second lap. I fell in with the next group and stuck with them for the next 6 laps and couple of hill climbs or so. Even managed to hang on to the pack as a few dropped off which made me feel better about my efforts! A neat little 33km session under the belt.

There is a run session after the bike session on Saturday mornings and I had thought about trying my knees out, although wasn't sure how they would hold up... I had taped them up in the morning before the ride to give myself the best chance.

I made the decision on the last lap of the ride to drop the bike and join the run session. I grabbed a singlet and tried to remember the directions for the 10km City-2-Surf lap as Spot rattled them off... No hope. Figured I would just follow the pack!

I got through the first 3 or 4 km at a good pace and felt good in the knees. Although just after the 4km mark I started to get a little tightness in the right knee, so stretched it out a little and carried on at a little slower pace.
Got through the next 3km with increasing soreness, then copped some serious pain in the outside of the right knee... Walk time.

The end couldn't come any faster. I got back to the apartment and stretched out, then couldn't move for the rest of the day... except to get out to Skoda to watch Essendon get up over GWS (although un-inspirationally....)

So ends the first week of training with the Bondi Fit guys. Happy with the outcomes and happy looking ahead to what I have in store!

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