Monday, 18 June 2012

Coach's motivation is better

Well, it's nice to know that your coach is full of motivational encouragement...

Looks like I'll be water logged by the time my knee is ready for the track!

Just a taste of the motivation:

 Monday night motivation from Spot:
Physios and doctors will tell you what you CANNOT do - Spot will tell you what you CAN DO...
SWIM 8 times this week - use a pull-buoy or wetsuit for surf!

readthe attached race report - doctors told me not to do anything for 6 weeks -I did Ironman 8 DAYS after getting off crutches...

Spot Anderson - Head Coach.

My challenge response: 
Sounds like a challenge.
Nothing like a bit of brutal motivation.

I'll be there Wednesday morning
Tuesday morning reinforcement from Spot: 
Good boy - otherwise I'll enter you in an Ironman next weekend!
Ironman next weekend? I don't think so...!!

Bring on the swim sessions!

Spot completing an Ironman, 8 days after getting off crutches!

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